Accelerating Green Transition in Time of Crisis

Sustainable Energy Conference, Lujblana, Slovenia

Event Date: 13 September, 2022

2ISECAP participated in the Sustainable enegy conference, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 13th September 2022, organized by the Slovenian electricity market operator Borzen. The main topic at Borzen’s conference was how to accelerate the green energy transition of local communities and support citizens and local stakeholders in the current situation of the energy crisis and REPowerEU.

The debate at the event was about whether solar energy can really save us from high electricity bills. In Slovenia, there are quite a few progressive municipalities that could set an example for other municipalities, we heard at the sustainable energy conference, where community projects, self-sufficiency, the green transition, incentives, energy poverty and the challenges brought by the energy crisis were mostly discussed.

2ISECAP was presented as part of the presentation of good practices – on the topic of self-sufficiency and energy communities, with an emphasis on the inclusion of key actors in the field of energy in a Living Lab (SECAP Ljutomer).

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