Category: Events

The 2ISECAP methodology was presented at the event “Integrated Energy Transition of the Municipality of Thermi towards Climate Neutrality’ in Greece

The first living lab meeting in the Municipality of Ljutomer in Slovenia was held on 29 July 2022. One of the higlights of the meeting was the Municipality’s signing of the Covenant of Mayors

The Development Agency of Karditsa – AN.KA SA and the Municipality of Karditsa are organizing their second Regional Living Lab (RLL)

The 1st Regional Living Lab (RLL) in Karditsa was held on 24th June 2022 and gathered all relevant stakeholders

2ISECAP participates in the Changing Cities V conference, held in Corfu Island, Greece, between 20 and 25 June.

The Energy Festival marks the launch of the 2ISECAP Living Lab in Karditsa and is a joint event with the H2020 BEcoop project and the Energy Community of Karditsa

The city of Thun launched a participatory process to develop its Energy and Climate Strategy with an initial workshop on 25 April 2022 to which citizens, local businesses, politics and business, science and civil society organizations were invited.