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On February 21st, the fifth Living Lab meeting, a collaboration between the Tartu City Government, Tartu County Municipalities Association, and Tartu Regional Energy Agency, took place. The focus of the meeting was on the opportunities of the circular economy and its role in achieving Tartu’s climate goals. The event also marked the initiation of drafting Tartu’s circular economy roadmap, a significant addition to the city’s climate and energy plan.

On 25th of April City of Tartu in cooperation with NGO Paranduskelder and Tartu Regional Energy Agency (TREA), had its fourth Living Lab meeting. Aim of this workshop was to share ideas of how to make community fixing and repair centers more popular and more accessible for all the citizens.

On 25th of November, 2022, the City of Tartu in cooperation with Tartu Regional Energy Agency held the Third Living Lab meeting within the framework of the 2ISECAP project.