Category: Thun Events

The third participation event in February 2023 shall kickstart implementation of Thun’s Energy- and Climate Strategy and allow to consult key implementation projects of the Action Plan with stakeholder in Thun.

Thun organizes a workshop for setting up a Climate Living Lab for the city. Stakeholder are invited to discuss and define fundamental aspects of the Living Lab, such as its organization, business model and communication strategy.

The city of Thun invited citizens, local business, politics, science and civil society organizations to the second public participation event on the Energy and Climate Strategy to discuss the proposed measures of the Action Plan. The event was held 6 September 2022

The city of Thun launched a participatory process to develop its Energy and Climate Strategy with an initial workshop on 25 April 2022 to which citizens, local businesses, politics and business, science and civil society organizations were invited.