Launch of the 2ISECAP Project

The project ‘Institutionalized Integrated Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans’ (2ISECAP) aims to bridge the gap between local sustainable energy planning and implementation by supporting the capacity building of public authorities and by developing interface capacities within public authorities to engage with civil society towards energy transition.

2ISECAP will attempt the creation of an institutional environment for effective decision-making processes combining the democratic legitimacy and legal power of formal plans/policies with the creativity, energy and social capacity of bottom-up initiatives, entrepreneurship and community involvement. 

The 2ISECAP approach is based on utilizing the Living Lab (LL) concept to create the appropriate institutional environment to both study and advance a holistic (integrated and participatory) approach to energy planning. The LL concept is considered as an appropriate environment as it explicitly allows for an open, creative and relatively informal environment that invites participants to share and co-create knowledge, projects and future policies.

Specifically, six ISECAP LLs will facilitate the experiential learning of stakeholders on the 2ISECAP approach in relation to the development of SECAPS within six municipalities (Padova – Italy; Leon – Spain; Ljutomer -Slovenia; Thun – Switzerland; Karditsa – Greece; Tartu – Estonia).

The 2ISECAPc project started 1st September 2021 with a three year period and will in its mobilisation phase study the capacity of formal plans and policies to activate and work with local energy initiatives and coalitions for implementing proposed actions in the various regions involved and based on an international comparative study of best practice.

The project involves 17 partners from 8 European countries, and is coordinated by Business and Project Management S.A (BPM SA), Greece.

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