Institutionalized Integrated Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans

Introducing a systematic and participatory planning approach for viable plans and projects

2ISECAP aims to enhance, complement and integrate the approaches available in relation to sustainable energy and climate planning, i.e. Plan with the Society (participatory planning), Plan for the Society (create added value from energy projects), and Plan with Places (integrate various interest in an area based setting) with the concept Plan to be Implemented by the Society (utilize and activate local action and engagement) as an integral and distinct part of the SECAP development.
The 2ISECAP approach is based on utilizing the Living Lab (LL) concept to create the appropriate institutional environment to both study and advance a holistic (integrated and participatory) approach to energy planning. The LL concept is considered as an appropriate environment as it explicitly allows for an open, creative and relatively informal environment that invites participants to share and co-create knowledge, projects and future policies.

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