Highlights from the First Transnational Living Lab

Event Date: 23 September, 2022 

2ISECAP was actively participating in The Open Living Lab Days in Turin, Italy, 20 – 23 September 2022.

On 22nd September 2ISECAP participated in the session: 100 CLIMATE-NEUTRAL CITIES MISSION: LIVING LABS AS ENABLERS OF THE TRANSFORMATION OF EUROPEAN CITIES TOWARDS CLIMATE NEUTRALITY with a presentations on the living lab approach and a case study from the 2ISECAP living lab partner Tartu in Estonia.

On the last day, 23rd September,  2ISECAP was the organiser of  the workshop “Transnational Living Lab on local energy transition” 

The aim of the workshop was discussing how to engage cities in co-planning activities toward the goals of Energy Transition & Climate Neutrality. Methods and best practices with the international community of Living Labs were presented.

The draft results of the 2ISECAP project was presented and assessed and in particular the work performed on analysing local and regional community initiatives and larger societal coalitions focused on energy transition and climate actions

Further to the exchange and assessment of 2ISECAP findings, the ultimate objective of the workshop, was to initiate a formal exchange and co-creation on the establishment of a

Transnational Living Lab on local energy transition to act as a supportive structure to cities/communities for planning the energy transition and engage the civil society.

The goal is to institutionalise the Transnational Living Lab as an environment of exchange and support for cities working and pursuing energy transition and climate neutrality.

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