Involving citizens in the Participatory Path Towards “Padova 2030”

Event Date: 17 May, 2023

“On May 17, 2023, the Duezerocinquezero Forum   concluded the participatory pathway “Padova 2030” carried out by the Municipality of Padova with local stakeholders and aimed at accompanying the city of Padova toward decarbonization to 2030.  

The Forum was the occasion, during the meeting “The challenge of climate neutrality: the experience of the Climate City Contract”, to present to citizens what Padova has done so far as part of the Mission “100 climate neutral and smart cities” and the actions it intends to implement in the coming years to cut emissions in the territory. 

The participatory journey, which took place during March-April 2023, actively involved key stakeholders in the Padova area who are members of the Agenda21 Forum and the local Living Lab (activated in 2022), through workshops and focus-groups, in order to identify the main barriers and opportunities for a just energy transition for all. 

The “Padova 2030” journey involved 36 entities and associations in 6 meetings (2 for each thematic area): (1) refurbishment of the building stock and energy production from renewable sources, (2) sustainable mobility, (3) low emission & circular economy and waste management. 

The actions that emerged and the commitments declared by the participants will allow the update of the SECAP and the draft of the “Climate City Contract,” a document in which Padova will define its strategy and lines of action for climate neutrality by 2030. 

In the coming months, therefore, all those who intend to take charge of some specific action (from the University to private companies, from the Diocese to environmental associations) will sign a “climate agreement” in which they will state, together with the Municipality, their concrete commitment to this important challenge. The involvement of the territory and the collaboration with different local realities, therefore, does not end with this participatory path, but will continue in the coming months and, with a view to continuous updating, years”. 

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