Italian cities pioneering climate neutrality

innovative projects and actions toward the goal of zero emissions

April 10, Altinate Cultural Center


On April 10, 11 and 12, Duezerocinquezero, the National Forum on Energy and Sustainability, now in its third edition, was held in Padova.

One of the first events scheduled at the Forum was dedicated to the great challenge in which the Net Zero Cities, the 100 European cities called upon by the European Commission to reach the climate neutrality goal in 2030, twenty years ahead of the European target, are involved.

The roundtable – attended by administrators from the italian cities involved and representatives from public administration, research, businesses and associations – was promoted as part of the European project 2ISECAP, which, for energy planning and the development of documents such as the Climate City Contract, experiments with the adoption of the “living lab” model.

Michele Pezzagno, professor at the University of Brescia and partner in the EU 2ISECAP project, spoke about this for the consortium, explaining how through the living lab methodology, stakeholders taking part in the project journey can share and co-create knowledge, projects and future policies.

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