Municipality of Ljutomer is a smaller Slovenian municipality with 12,000 inhabitants, It has become recognized primarily for its role  in the field of sustainable mobility.

This was achieved by SUMP (Sustainable urban mobility plan) preparation, which was chosen among three of the best SUMP´s in EU (SUMP Award Contest 2012), 

Municipality of Ljutomer participated as the only Slovenian municipality in 2011 as part of the European URBACT II step towards to the project “Active Travel Network”. 

Further, the Municipality of Ljutomer in 2013 and 2014 participated in the Ch4llenge project (IEE), which in 2013 was declared one of the three best transport strategies in the EU.

In 2015 Ljutomer participated in the international project Travel Switch, which focus on preparing a mobility plan to encourage walking and cycling.


2isecap activities


In 2012 the Municipality of Ljutomer prepared the Local Energy Concept (an obligatory document for municipality) including long- and short-term RES and RUE action plans.  In 2018 the municipality prepared an update of this action plan!

SECAP for 2030 should be developed based on the progress and experience gained by the current SEAP (2012) and LEC.

LEC is a concept of the development of local community or more local communities in the field of supply and use of energy, which includes ways of future energy supply and also measures for rational use of energy, combined production of heat, electric power and use of renewable energy sources.

2ISECAP has a very good timing, because the LEC should be updated once again because in Slovenia a new National Energy Concept will be published and all local RES and RUE “action plans” have to be adjusted.


LEA Pomurje (Lokalna Energetska Agencija za Pomurje -LEAP) has become the first Local Energy Agency in Slovenia Covenant Supporter. LEAP is actively supporting all 27 municipalities of Pomurje region in their RES and RUE efforts – also by Covenant of Mayors. LEAP prepared 12 SEAP´s so far, but no SECAP yet.

LEAP´s involvement with 2ISECAP will enhance its knowhow on ISECAP development and implementation that can be used to support the actual and future CoM members from Pomurje.

Its involvement with 2ISECAP will also provide useful knowhow for the preparation of Local Energy Concepts (CO2 calculation, action plans, etc.). The knowhow can be after the project easily transferred to other regions through the Slovenian Consortium of Local Energy Agencies.