Next to the new generation in Karditsa

Event Date: 2 April 2023

Next to the new generation… at the conference of the 1st Experimental High School on environmental issues, climate change / crisis.

In the conference “the environment, our future….” organized by the group “Climate Change – Climate Crisis” of the 1st Experimental High School of Karditsa on 02/04/2023, AN.KA participated with the topic “Local initiatives for planning policies & actions with citizen participation, aiming to address climate change in Karditsa”.

Mr. Sakellariou Evangelos, General Manager, presented to the students the results of the consultation with local stakeholders on environmental issues, energy & water saving, circular economy, bio-economy as well as the proposals for cooperation to deal with climate change on a local scale, as they will be reflected in the design of the local LEADER strategy 2023-27.

Ms. Antoniou Agoritsa, project manager of the European Project 2ISECAP, presented the project in the framework of Horizon2020, which deals with the development and implementation of the concept of participatory and systematic design of sustainable action plans for sustainable energy and climate in the Municipality of Karditsa.

The objectives of the group, formed by 11 students of the 1st Experimental High School with the support of their teachers, are to inform the students themselves, to highlight issues related to the environment, to raise awareness on environmental issues and to explore proposals and solutions in order to spread the message of the urgent need for action.

We congratulate the children, the teachers and the school management for their initiative.

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