Participatory Path Towards Padova 2030

Event Date: 21 March, 2023

Summary of the first meeting 21.03.2023

The meeting opened with greetings from the councilor delegated to the Climate Neutrality Mission Chiara Gallani, a brief introduction on the structure and objectives of the consultation process by Matteo Mascia, coordinator of the Agenda21 Forum and then continued with a presentation by Giovanni Vicentini of the Informambiente Office on the Mission, on the path taken so far and on the next steps to be taken in the true Padua 2030 process.

The participants were then divided into two heterogeneous groups, each supported by a facilitator, and were asked to highlight and discuss the opportunities and barriers that in their opinion emerge with regard to the theme of the redevelopment of the building stock and the production of energy from renewable sources, in particular in relation to the mission of climate neutrality. 

During the event the attendees discussed opportunities and barriers within four categories: regulatory, technological, economic and organizational.

The event was attended by stakeholders from 16 different organisations.

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