Business and Project Management S.A. (BPM SA)


BPM S.A. is an Athens based boutique business consulting firm. BPM S.A. was founded in 1988 and since then it successfully offers its services and solutions to national and international clients.

BPM addresses its clients’ needs related to business, people, funding, organisation and society. Moreover, through the cooperation with selected business partners, BPM enhances its services portfolio and offers integrated solutions to its clients.

BPM provides high quality, value adding, customized solutions aligned with internationally recognized best practices. BPM’s focus is in:

  • Business: BPM focuses on developing and running efficient businesses and operations by creating value through business development, planning the way forward and ensuring effective implementation and risk management.
  • People: BPM aims at developing people and ensuring resilience and productivity by engaging talented, motivated and committed people, enhancing and developing their skills and ensuring rightsizing and workplace excellence.
  • Funding: BPM supports its clients to secure the necessary financial resources by exploiting all possible funding opportunities, as well as by engaging private investors and handling mandates. BPM participates in projects funded by the European Commission as a partner or project manager.
  • Organization: BPM specializes in building lean and effective organizations by designing efficient structures aligned with the business strategy, incorporating growth and change in the organization’s business model and continuously evaluating and improving performance.
  • Society: BPM supports the creation of sustainable social organizations, networks and interfaces by optimizing the organizations’ sustainability, initiatives and social impact by providing innovative solutions to social economy challenges.



The Development Agency of Karditsa, in short AN.KA, represents a necessary tool at the disposal of the Prefecture and the wider area. The leaders of local authorities had the wisdom to set it up on 1989. Since then, AN.KA has accumulated great expertise in various fields, which has been proved valuable in any development effort of our area. Apart from providing specialized technical support to public, self-governing, collaborative, social, private bodies and companies, AN.KA serves two very important social and deeply political procedures: citizens and bodies’ awareness as well as support to open social debate among both citizens and several groups of interest on any issue related directly or indirectly with the development of our area. This service is organised and delivered in a scientific way.

The Company’s main objective is to help develop, manage, maintain, protect and make the best use of natural resources, introduce innovation and entrepreneurship in the productive system; introduce and increase the use of renewable energy sources; support and develop new collective structures, contribute in social development and the general development of Karditsa and other areas in Greece, if requested.



Municipality of Karditsa, is a Local Government Authority, located in Karditsa, Thessaly, Greece. Karditsa, is a city in western Thessaly in mainland Greece. The city of Karditsa has 55,000 residents and is the capital of an agricultural region, with 150,000 residents. Karditsa is one of the most bike-friendly cities in Greece, with an extensive network of bicycle paths, approximately 20 km. From March 2013 there is also a bike sharing system for residents and for tourists. Approximately 40% of all the city transportation, according to the National Technical University of Athens, is done by bicycles. A remarkable characteristic is the 3.5 average bikes per family. 

The Municipality won the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK” Award 2019 (small cities category), awarded mainly for the promotional materials and partnerships to support sustainable mobility 

Municipality of Karditsa participates in several networks, such as: Network routes to sustainable mobility, Network routes with lakes, Digital cities of Central Greece. Municipality of Karditsa operates as a typical public organization, occupying about 360 employees full time, is legally represented by the Mayor and is governed by a board of municipal councillors. 

A specialized operational Unit- Department of Development planning, Information and Transparency- is dedicated to find resources and implementation of European, national or other programs, for the further development of the municipality and raise awareness.