The project “Institutionalized Integrated Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans – 2ISECAP aims to enhance, complement and integrate the approaches available in relation to sustainable energy and climate planning, i.e. Plan with the Society (participatory planning), Plan for the Society (create added value from energy projects), and Plan with Places (integrate various interest in an area based setting) with the concept Plan to be Implemented by the Society (utilize and activate local action and engagement) as anintegral and distinct part of the SECAP development.

Introduce a Holistic Approach to SECAP Planning that will support Participatory and Integrated sustainable energy and climate actions planning (i.e. area-based planning), while considering required institutional tools, local initiatives, legal frameworks and funding arrangements.

Study, enhance the understanding and identify critical success and failure factors regarding the effective mobilization of citizens and stakeholders to become partners in local plan and policy development and the delivery thereof (including climate and energy coalitions).

Design the Governance Structure required to establish the holistic (participatory and integrated) approach to SECAP Planning as an operational and institutionalized structure. The proposed structure will be a co-creation environment, supporting multilevel and interdepartmental governance and local citizens and stakeholder participation (i.e. a Quadruple Helix Model), to develop social innovation.

Provide proof on the proposed Integrated SECAP planning approach by applying it to six European Municipalities, situated in six different Member States of different size and type and with different socio-economic, geographical and economic settings, in order to: i) develop and enhance their integrated sustainable energy policies (SEAPs, SECAPs or alike), ii) based on their Integrated SECAPs, support them to assess their capacity to be involved in the 100 Climate-Neutral Cities by 2030 initiative, and iii) support them to co-create and submit an application for a Climate City Contract