The Living Labs as innovation platforms

On January 10th, 2024, part of the 2ISECAP training material was presented at a scientific event called “Participation and Transparency in Planning Processes. Social, Technological and Institutional Innovation” that was organized and hosted by the Department of Planning and Regional Development of the University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece.

Mrs. Anastasia Tasopoulou, Assistant Professor and member of BPM’s project team, presented the qualities of the Living Labs that enable them to act as platforms or mediators for innovation. The presentation also included indicative methodologies and tools that can be utilized by the Living Labs. These tools are part of the Living Lab Learning Modules that are being developed by the University of Applied Sciences in Western Switzerland within the framework of the 2ISECAP project. These modules are intended to provide information about the concept of a Living Lab, its methodology and characteristics, as well as to share some examples from other Living Labs and different tools that can be used in the various steps of the Living Lab Integrative Process.

The presentation generated intense interest and constructive discussions among the attendees, mostly members of the academic community. The main issues discussed were the contribution of Living Labs in the planning processes, as well as potential impediments in relation to the given participatory culture.

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