Third public participation event for Thun’s Energy and Climate Strategy

Event Date: 8 February, 2023

The third participation event in February 2023, the so-called Soundingboard, will conclude the participatory development process and kickstart implementation of Thun’s Energy- and Climate strategy. The event is therefore focused on three key projects of the Strategy and its Action Plan respectively, whose implementation will start in 2023.

These projects, which are also financially supported by the Federal Government of Switzerland, are all essentially based on a high level of participation by the key stakeholders.

  1. Project 1: Setting up a Living Lab for integrative and innovative energy and climate solutions in Thun
  2. Project 2: Participatory budget
  3. Project 3: Substitutions of heating system in Thun by using a cluster approach and specific measures for each cluster

The third Soundingboard will gather and outline initial ideas on how these projects could be designed and encourage and activate stakeholder to continue co-designing energy and climate solutions. This is intended to promote cooperation between the relevant institutions in Thun and the city administration in order to jointly achieve the climate targets.

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