Municipality of Karditsa, is a Local Government Authority, located in Karditsa, Thessaly, Greece. Karditsa, is a city in western Thessaly in mainland Greece. The city of Karditsa has 55.000 residents and is the capital of an agricultural region, with 150.000 residents.

Karditsa is one of the most bike-friendly cities in Greece, with an extensive network of bicycle paths, approximately 20km. From March 2013 there is also a bike sharing system for residents and for tourists. Approximately 40% of all the city transportation, according to the National Technical University of Athens, is done by bicycles. A remarkable characteristic is the 3.5 average bikes per family. The Municipality participates in the annual European Mobility Week, winning the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK” Award 2019 (small cities category), awarded mainly for the promotional materials and partnerships to support sustainable mobility (.

Municipality of Karditsa participates in a satisfying number of networks, such as: Network routes to sustainable mobility, Network routes with lakes, Digital cities of Central Greece. Municipality of Karditsa operates as a typical public organization, occupying about 360 employees full time, is legally represented by the Mayor and is governed by a board of municipal councillors. The organisation has efficient Administrative, Financial and Technical Services.

 Moreover, a specialized operational Unit- Department of Development planning, Information and Transparency- is dedicated to find resources and implementation of European, national or other programs, for the further development of the municipality and raise awareness.

The 2ISECAP project involves 4 Greek project partners:

2isecap activities

Within the 2ISECAP action Karditsa will  build the capacity and develop a SECAP for the Town of Karditsa. And in this context identify needed support for performing the preparatory work for adhesion at the Covenant of Mayors (CoM).

As part of the process Karditsa will elaborate further an available Strategic Plan on RES exploitation through a multi-governance approach, in order to prevent the social resistance towards the RES projects.

Karditsa Development Agency, ANKA, is the faciltator of the process. It’s the development agency of the 7 Municipalities that constitute the Karditsa Prefecture. Its shareholders include all major stakeholder groups of the Regional Unit, i.e. the Development Bank of Karditsa, the Regional Government and the Chamber of Commerce. Its involvement in 2ISECAP project will enhance its capacity to support the remaining 6 municipalities to develop their ISECAPs and join the CoM. ANKA also developed and operated an Energy Cooperative and therefore its interest on LECs development and scale is strong.