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In November 2023 the Municipality of Padova met the citizens to inform them about the climate neutral mission by 2030 and collect their proposals. The three meetings involved the neighbourhood councils, an instrument to enable citizens to actively participate in the life and choices that affect neighborhoods, in the management of common goods, and in the social and cultural life of the places where people live and work.

2ISECAP is arranging a workshop at the Open Living Lab Days in Barcelona on 22nd September 2023. The workshop will include learning from the methodology of Integrated Sustainable Energy and Climate action plans applied by the 21SECAP project

The Third LivingnLab Meting was held on 8 September 2023 in the Municipality of Ljutomer. The main purpose of the event was to gather experience and concrete proposals for measures from other regions for mitigating and adapting to climate change and its consequences as part of the preparation of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Action Plan of the Municipality of Ljutomer.

On Wednesday 30/08/2023 the 4th “Live Lab” was organized on the initiative of the Municipality of Karditsa and the support of the project team of AN.KA S.A, through the digital platform ZOOM, in the framework of the European Project 2ISECAP on “Energy Community: perspectives, challenges and activity constraints”, where the mitigation actions in the sectors of municipal buildings, facilities, domestic sector, transport and energy production according to the SECAP, and in which the action of the energy community is involved, were presented.

The third meeting of the Local Living Lab of León (LLLL) was held on 27 July 2023. The total number of participants was 26 people, representing 15 different entities from the four sectors of the quadruple helix model: administration, academia, business/companies and citizenship.
The intention of this third Living Lab was to compile everything that is happening now in the city of León since, after the pandemic and thanks to the Next Generation funds, many projects are being implemented and launched. To this end, two round tables were held, where each entity explained what projects are being carried out or are about to be implemented, what actions related to the energy transition are already a reality. The format of the round tables, one on mobility and the other on energy and the city, allowed for question-and-answer sessions and small debates to clarify the points of conflict and existing problems, as well as the benefits and changes that are taking place.

“On May 17, 2023, the Duezerocinquezero Forum concluded the participatory pathway “Padova 2030” carried out by the Municipality of Padova with local stakeholders and aimed at accompanying the city of Padova toward decarbonization to 2030.

On 28/04/2023 the 3rd “Living Lab” was organized on the initiative of the Municipality of Karditsa and the support of the project team of AN.KA SA, through the digital platform ZOOM, in the framework of the 2ISECAP Project on “Sustainable Urban Mobility” where the mitigation actions in the transport sector according to the SECAP and the SUMP were presented

On 25th of April City of Tartu in cooperation with NGO Paranduskelder and Tartu Regional Energy Agency (TREA), had its fourth Living Lab meeting. Aim of this workshop was to share ideas of how to make community fixing and repair centers more popular and more accessible for all the citizens.

In the conference “the environment, our future….” organized by the group “Climate Change – Climate Crisis” of the 1st Experimental High School of Karditsa on 02/04/2023, AN.KA participated with the topic “Local initiatives for planning policies & actions with citizen participation, aiming to address climate change in Karditsa”.

On 21st March 2023, the Municipality of Padova arranged its first meeting in relation to “Agenda 21 – Consultation path towards 2023” The meeting gathered stakeholders from 16 organisations in relation to the thematic scope: Building redevelopment and renewable energy